Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Food Desert Project - Cheese and flax crisps

There are times when everyone wants a little something...just a little nosh.  I'm no different...except that keeping a bag of chips in the house is a guarantee that we'll have an empty bag of chips.  Sadly, I've never heard of half a cookie, or a half-portion of anything.

My solution: make only the amount I'm going to for a nice little savory nosh, these cheesy crisps can be made up quickly, without a lot of thought, in the toaster oven.  You can make as few as one, or as many as six (or even more, if you break out the regular oven.)

006 I found a recipe for these crackers here, but decided I wanted something simpler.  Using a ratio of about 1 part cheddar to 3/4 part canned parmesan (since it's dryer, you're relying on the cheddar for moisture, so we need less than the original recipe) and 1/2 part flaxseeds, I created this recipe:

1/4 cup finely grated cheddar cheese
3 tbsp canned parmesan cheese
2 tbsp flaxseeds (can be found in the vitamin or digestive aid section of most drugstores)

010These were mixed together, and then piled in six smallish piles on a parchment-lined cookie sheet (I decided to use butter - don't.)  I flattened them into thick pancakes with a spoon, and popped it into a 350 degree toaster oven for ten minutes, until the whole thing had melted and browned (the edges will darken slightly more than the center, but remove quickly if they start to burn.)  Allow them to cool for five minutes, then, using a flexible metal spatula, carefully remove them from the cookie sheet.

Nosh.  Enjoy!

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ChristinaBakes said...

These look delicious and easy. What a great way to use up my large supply of flax seeds!

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