Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Policy Point Wednesday: Brainpower Breakfasts

This upcoming week, the ISATs come to our school! As I've mentioned before, a good breakfast with some healthy protein is critical to getting a child through a day of school, but is doubly important during standardized testing. Although some schools offer subsidized low-cost or even free breakfasts, many parents across the country opt for feeding their kids at home or on the way to school.

Unfortunately, many of these morning meals don't offer kids the support they need.  Sugary breakfast cereals and pastries are associated with breakfasts of lower nutritional quality, oversize portions, and also with a mid-morning "crash" or period of low energy during school.

Parents often depend on boxed cereal for a quick morning meal, and while that can be a good breakfast, there are literally thousands of quick, healthy breakfasts that can either be made in advance or that take no more time than a bowl of cereal.  Fortunately, most breakfast foods are both inexpensive and readily available; if you're looking for quick, healthy and cheap breakfast ideas, here is a list of links:

From your pantry:
Make-ahead breakfasts:
Breakfast at the kitchen table:
In a pinch: better Fast-Food breakfasts

Breakfast on the way to school:
Unconventional breakfasts for choosy eaters:

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Adding a great idea that was just posted over on Fooducate: No sugar added breakfast bars

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