Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sundays with Sparky - Yeast Waffles

044It's been a long week.  For once, our Saturday morning was wide open, so I did nothing but give the alarm clock a solid "thwack" and roll back over, sleeping in until the luxurious late hour of 9am.  When I first garnered the courage to open an eyelid, I noticed the smell...a good smell...a yeasty, delicious smell combined with the smell of a clean dishwasher.  I sat bolt upright in bed.


Sparky and his Dad had decided to make a manly Sunday breakfast of bacon and waffles (well, OK, it was Saturday, but you're reading this on Sunday, right?) and say nary a word to sleepyhead me.  Apparently Sparky whipped the egg whites and folded them into the batter himself, and Dad had started the whole process with my very favorite kitchen tool - the Ipod Touch - to find a "quick" yeast-waffle recipe (my standard Joy Of Cooking version needs to rest overnight in the fridge...translation: I almost never make waffles.)  The recipe worked excellently well as is, and neither of them tweak as they go, so I won't bother to reprint it here; I'll just show you the view when I got up:



Sparky sniffed the batter dubiously and said "it smells kind of grain-y...Mom, did you try to make it healthy?"  Dad assured him that there was a stick and a half of butter in the recipe...and I suggested we add some cauliflower to health it up a bit.  This was his reaction:



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