Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Policy Point Wednesday - Thanksgiving Dinner - Calories and Nutrients

Smooth Fitness offers this excellent infographic on Thanksgiving dinner:

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I have to admit, this graphic has me wondering if I really consume 1/2 cup each of gravy and cranberry sauce, but I also have to admit I know I eat more than one roll....In a similar vein, About.Com offers this calculator to determine how many steps it will take to burn the calories for each individual item on the menu.

While the above articles focus on the calories in Thanksgiving dinner, I had to go to Canada (fortunately, they eat much the same Thanksgiving meal in Canada, just on a different day) to find the nutritional content of the average turkey feast - while we do overload the calories, at least the meal is fairly nutrient-dense.

Have a healthy and happy holiday, everyone!

*Edited to add: it doesn't always pay to be the cook, either - Cooking Light adds up all the calories cooks take in when they "taste" and "nibble" before dinner.

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