Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sundays with Sparky - Scrambled Eggs Super!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there - here's a little illustration of how we do what we do: 

A little knowledge can be a compelling thing: the other day as I, bleary-eyed, was about to make breakfast, Sparky popped up and said "Can I make my own breakfast, Mom? Can I make scrambled eggs? All by myself?" I saw in his eager brown eyes that he had come to the powerful realization that, not only can he probably learn to cook anything he wants to eat - but, more importantly, he who cooks is also he who decides what's for breakfast.

So of course I said "um, let me think about that, um - are you sure you don't want cereal? Is there coffee?" (Note to self: teach child to make coffee) and tried to rub the sense back into my eyes.

So, we went through the steps of making scrambled eggs - sorry, I didn't take pictures, as I was barely able to make sure I poured coffee and not raw eggs into my cup. We agreed that since things went well, he could make scrambled eggs for Daddy tomorrow so I could take pictures and post it here. I took a deep healing draught of coffee. The child is sharp as a tack; I had no chance whatsoever of him forgetting to make scrambled eggs the next day, so here they are, photos from day 2, instructions from day 1.

First, the eggs are cracked into a tall, heavy container that's not going to move on you while you mix them, and seasoned with a little salt and pepper:

(look at the mad egg crackin' skillz on that boy, I tell you - and at 7am, no less)

Then, you retrieve the tool we like to call the "egg bouncer," (linked below) a spring whisk - tailor made for this task, but useful to thorougly mix anything in a large cup. I often use the immersion blender for this task, but I didn't tell him that. With this tool, you vigorously whip the eggs by bouncing it up and down until they are lemon-colored and foamy.

Then you put some butter in a non-stick skillet and turn the heat on low. After the butter melts, dump in your eggs. Stir slowly with the spatula over low to medium-low heat, making sure you scrape down the sides and the bottom carefully.

(At this point, I said "Low and slow is the key, son - you need to cook scrambled eggs low and slow," whereupon he replied "Mom, Gary Wiviott says "Low and Slow" - you say "no guts, no glory." Smartass. Before I had any coffee.)

As long as the eggs are slowly thickening, resist the urge to turn up the heat. Continue stirring and mixing in the solids until you have a rich, creamy mass that is done to your liking.

Creamy and delicious - just like I like them.

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